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Web Design Basics

Nowadays, web design much simpler than it was a few years ago and that of course has helped thousands of websites be created. Designing a web page with HTML, also known as Hypertext Markup Language, has become easier than ever, thanks to platforms like WordPress or Joomla. In fact, anyone who wants to build a website, can start his own WordPress website, without even knowing how to program or develop a website.

The key to creating a great website is to use some specific tips which will help your website become viewer-friendly. Designing and developing a website that works requires lots of sensitivity to various elements, as nowadays, new-look designs are dominating the web.

In general, website designers always try to create a web site navigation scheme that
• is consistent through the entire website
• it allows the visitors to find exactly what they are searching for in a quick and easy manner
• has some features that make it stand out of the competition
• make the website search engine friendly, as SEO still a major concern for lots of website owners.

Almost any newbie in the internet world can realize that this blue underlined text is a hyperlink. The fonts of a website are also very important. Some fonts used by your computer might not available in the computer of some visitors so the website will use the default font of your computer, which might result in a display issue. Common and professional fonts are usually preferred by web developers.

Some graphic designers who specialize in print design have the tendency to show off their designing talents and they create some image maps, which may be beautiful but they are also slow to download, too. The big advantage a website has when it’s using image maps is that the website navigation is very easy and smooth. Graphic designers can showcase some of their creativity and design an image map, which is considered as a better option than designing a set of navigation buttons.

Sometimes, web developers experience various issues, especially when they try to do complicated HTML designs. Whilst learning the basics of HTML and the fundamentals of website design techniques is essential, if you are a designer and you wish your websites to have special effects, you will need to learn some additional coding methods like CSS and JavaScript.

The most simple and elegant webpage designs say more by saying less. They enable designers to present the website's aim right from the gecko thus guiding the visitor's eye through the use of less but well-picked visual elements.

The designs that Apple has always used has a great balance and combination of dark tones, rich effects and color to draw the eye of the visitor. Any corporate logo design needs to convey the idea about the company’s values to its viewers.

Learning and using HTML coding provides you with the freedom to update your own HTML documents and websites but it will also enable you to save lots of money. You will no longer need to hire a professional web designer, at least for simple tasks. You can write code by hand to ensure that you write the leanest code possible. That is after all, the ultimate aim of all HTML coders. HTML is one of the easiest languages to learn and you can create a simple website within minutes after you start, if not hours.

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