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Downloadable Video Project Files After Effects Templates

Build your documentary from inspiration. This site showcase a large collection of creative video project files after effects that you can personally modify and change according to your interest. Effortlessly render your final cut in high-quality videos that will definitely leave your audience in awe. Choose among 40+ high definition and resizable videos that will perfectly blend with your project. These files are very easy to render and all the video project files are very easy to customize. And with helpful tutorials included in most files, you'll surely achieve satisfying results.

Slide Showcase
Realised by yocreative

Glide - AE CS3 Project
Realised by Generator

AE CS3 - Tritone Business Template
Realised by zanimotion

AE CS3 - White Corporate Showcase
Realised by zanimotion

Realised by kramz

BigWords - AE CS4 Project
Realised by D-sign

The Clouds-CS4Trailer
Realised by plamencvetanov

4G Phone Advertisement
Realised by Ex7Reme

Realised by felt_tips

Tablet Commercial
Realised by Ex7Reme

Fashion Promo
Realised by AlexZlatev

Realised by PauloGalvao

Shooting Logo
Realised by NickolasM

logo under the rain
Realised by videologio

Meet the team
Realised by sonorafilms

Elegant Show Ident or Opener
Realised by cyzer

Logo Transforming
Realised by NickolasM

Particle Reveal
Realised by uniquefx

Elegant Extrusion
Realised by MotionRevolver

Romeo & Juliet
Realised by Wayman

Stylish/Elegant Logo reveler CS3
Realised by placdarms

Motion Profile
Realised by tginho

Light Scribble Intro
Realised by d3luxxxe

Photo Plans
Realised by yocreative

Funky party
Realised by sonorafilms

Sport Race Show Trailer (Broadcast Graphics)
Realised by cyzer

Realistic Under Ice Logo Reveal
Realised by cyzer

Cinematic Color Presets
Realised by videologio

Blue sky
Realised by sonorafilms

The Brilliant beauty
Realised by white-shade

Natural light
Realised by sonorafilms

Camera Shutter Transition
Realised by videologio

Space Intro
Realised by videologio

Rewind & Forward
Realised by videologio

10 Color Grading Presets
Realised by videologio

Broadcast Design - News Package
Realised by IronykDesign

photoshop brick toy effect

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