The untold Secrets of Successful Video Communication

If you are still considering using video for your marketing or business, such as promotional video, web content or commercial, do not look down on the great importance of video as against technical production. Often than not, it is very simple for video techs and producers to get over-involved and focus on the creative elements refusing to believe that content is king. Be that as it may, they tend to disregard the budget, the quality of the video and many years of experience of the production team. One thing is certain, you must always insist on the 3 “C’s” of successful video content.

CAPTURE Attention

This depends on the delivery method of the video; you will only have as high as a minute to and as low as three seconds to get the attention of the viewer. Without the capturing of their attention, the whole of the video is wasted without regard to how awe-inspiring and enlightening it may be. Make it humorous, intriguing or out of the normal. Leave them to always ask for more. You are in nature eager and adoring about your new video, but the viewers at first will not be. So put the script to test by making it impartial and generic. Switch out references to your service or product for some other generic one (or a competitor), then visualize yourself watching the video and test your enthusiasm. Keep the pace of the scenes tight and to the point by introducing some variety with the camera lighting, angles etc. However, certain videos may not require as much attention-getting elements as others (i.e., training videos), but the idea has to be intentional and going beyond the mundane and formulaic.


Once you have caught their attention, you must ensure to communicate the benefits of your service or product, or basically convey the message and bulk of the content you wish to put across. If you’re doing a promotional video for your organization, you must prove and also demonstrate what you do, how you are different from others, and why your viewer should agree with your propositions. Make all effort to PROVE your points versus talking about them. Video is the best medium that enables you to display your message, so take a good advantage of that as much as possible.

CALL to Action

If you have been able to keep the viewer’s attention and conveyed the inherent benefits of your message, you must close or conclude with a strong and clear call to action. What do you actually want the viewer to do with this information you just gave to them? Do you want them to call your toll-free number, do a website search or simply agree with your vision and values? Nothing is more fruitless and frustrating than watching a video and at the end; it leaves you asking "What was that all about? What was the point of that?" You have created a video for a purpose and with a goal and purpose in mind (i.e., sales, branding, increase, fundraising, entertainment, etc.), ensure you summarize the nature of action you want them to take. People are lazy by nature and by simply communicating facts about your service or product are not going to produce an outcome. This is the more reason why infomercials are so effective at selling things you don’t really need and never planned on buying. For example, there is a continual press on to "call the toll-free number and try the product for one month, this offer is available for the next fifteen minutes only!" Of course, it’s not always proper to have a pushy salesman approach for your video, but it can prove that if you want results, you must ask for it.

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