While it may seem superficial, thought must be given to the design and color of these elements. A bland-looking pie chart or bar chart can be just as ineffective as not having one at all. Spicing things up with a little color to allow for the charts to stand out, as well as adding interesting graphics such as bubbles for information and icons related to the subject will further add visual texture and help keep the attention of viewers during a presentation. For example, a topic on guitar manufacturing may include a line chart of plotted yearly revenues, but also a bar chart shaped as a guitar and colorful bubbles filled with tidbits of knowledge related to the production of the musical instruments. You see, the idea is to stimulate while you provide the necessary information to your intended audience. The good news is that you don't have to learn about graphic design in order to create your own effective infographics. There are countless templates and vectors which are available for sale, all designed by graphics professionals, that will allow for you to create the best presentations imaginable. These elements can easily be edited using software such as Photoshop in order to reflect the data that is being presented. Best of all, they're usually priced very low, some less than ten dollars for a set, and can be re-used time and again for presentations and other business purposes. You owe it to yourself to harness the true power of visual media. When giving a lengthy presentation, in particular, it is too much to ask for the audience to stay focused when you're not giving them something visually interesting to watch. So if you want people to really pay attention and actually digest the data being presented to them, then you must use the same strategies that big media and others employ, which is to rely upon graphics in order to do most of the work for you. With infographic elements, you get exactly all the fancy charts and icons you need to really create something spectacular that will capture a boardroom or client's attention and keep it.

Infographic Elements + Template
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World - Infographic Elements - Visual Information
Realised by ranfirefly
Realised by Infographic Elements Template Pack 01

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Advanced Infographic Charts and Templates
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Go Green - Infographic Elements - info template
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Realised by Infographic Templates and Charts v3

Infographics Elements
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Infographic elements 01
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Infographic Template and Charts V6
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Universal Infographic Elements
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Infographic Elements
Realised by botaiusti

Infographic Elements Template Pack 02
Realised by Infographics

Infographic Elements - Vol. 3
Realised by OverflowDesignGroup

Infographic Elements - set 05
Realised by serkorkin

Blue Theme Infographic Element
Realised by miniaria

Earth Illustrated, 3D World and Infographics - V2
Realised by Giallo

Earth Illustrated, 3D World and Infographics - V1
Realised by Giallo

Infographic Template and Charts v5
Realised by CursiveQ

Graphic Charts Elements - 72 & 300 DPI
Realised by aurove

Graphic Charts Elements II - 72 & 300 DPI
Realised by aurove

Infographic Template v4
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Infographic Element set
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Minimalistic Infographic Pack
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Infographic Elements Template Pack 03
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