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Creative Web, Application and Desktop Icons Sets

Icons are graphical symbols that are often seen in desktop computers and laptops. These icons are used to give symbolize the function and features of many objects and are very effective in providing good representations to certain applications because most users are more attracted to graphics rather than reading plain texts. If you're bored of the usual icons that you see on your computer all the time then you should add more spice to your desktop by downloading the coolest and the most creative icons on the web today. Get it now from this portal.

Smooth Icon Set
Realised by amwillis

Function Premium Icon Set
Realised by liam_uk7

30 Modern Social Icons
Realised by InventGroup

PolarFrame Icon
Realised by DraStudio

Pack of 60 Icons
Realised by ranfirefly

Function App Icons 275 (With Free Bonus)
Realised by liam_uk7

Role Playing Icons
Realised by rfertner

3D social media icons pack 01
Realised by smartie

FIletype icons
Realised by freud

Watercolor Icons for the Web - Black & White
Realised by Scylderon

21 web icons
Realised by GraphiteValley

icon set n°5 - settings theme - infinity series
Realised by neopicture

icon set n°9 - commerce theme - infinity series
Realised by neopicture

Detailed Camera Lens Icon Pack
Realised by contempoinc

Carbon Shapes vol. 1
Realised by nenadgrujicic

Layered PSD & PNG High Res Laptop Graphic + Icons
Realised by Flash_Cart

push pin
Realised by cristianalm

icon set n°7 - network theme - infinity series
Realised by neopicture

Qicon series | Web and Communication icons
Realised by Qiun

21 web icons #2
Realised by GraphiteValley

Corner Ribbons
Realised by gallowayb

File Icon Set
Realised by matu

icon set n°3 - office theme - infinity series
Realised by neopicture

30 Crack Social Icons
Realised by InventGroup

Realised by franceschi_rene

136 mini icons (volume 3)
Realised by Brave

960 Vector Icons Set
Realised by peterpiko

24 Document icons
Realised by envagraph

E-Commerce Icons
Realised by c_design

Cinema Icons
Realised by Brave

Plastique Web Icons
Realised by iconify

Misc Glyphs II
Realised by 0bsessive

84 Casino Website/App Icons
Realised by IconCreme

Web Icon Set & pictograms #2
Realised by out00

File Type Icons
Realised by Perfex

147 Touch Icon Pad icons
Realised by RepixDesign

photoshop brick toy effect

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