Modern resume templates are the best way to present your skills and qualifications for a certain job position.


18 Creative And Premium Resume Templates

An impressive resume helps you during your job hunt. It should contain detailed information about you and serves as a contact between you and the employer. It is a vital advertising tool that aims to sell a candidate to their prospective employers. However, studies found out that resumes containing mistakes are more likely to be rejected. The way your resume is written is the employer’s basis whether or not to call you for an interview. Hence, you should look for modern cv templates that are designed perfectly for you and your application. A good resume serves as a stepping stone for a successful career.

Resume Templates
Composing a good resume requires knowledge and skills. Your resume should speak for yourself and should impress the employers, can showcase your strengths and abilities, and can win an interview for you. There are various templates you can choose from:
  • Professional Resumes – best suits candidates looking for jobs that are serious in nature like management positions, engineer, banking designations, accountant, project consultant, and I.T jobs.
  • Modern Resumes – are ideal for candidates who would want to achieve in-modern look for their resumes. This is best for candidates applying advertising, marketing, and media-related positions.
  • Creative Resumes – it has special layout suited for aspiring designers, creative assistant, or art directors. This template can help them in impressing their potential employers by showing their creative side.
  • Artistic Resumes – are templates that artistic in nature. This template suits artistic job applications such as Creative Artist or Game Developer. This kind of curriculum vitae can help you to come up with your specialized resume.
  • Chronological Resumes – is the most suitable resume template for almost every kind of vacancy. It consists of the most recent employment to the very first.
More Resume Guidelines
If there are some recommended resume layout, there is also one to avoid. Avoid using Functional Resumes. This kind of resumes focuses on the applicant’s skills but without emphasizing where and when he can apply those skills. Keep in mind that hiring personnel and managers would like to determine when those skills are applicable. If you are unsure of what template to use, stick with Chronological Resumes to give focus on your recent working experience. You can summarize your work without detailing it. Have your resume precise and brief.

There are various websites providing modern resumes based on recent formats and patterns. Most templates are accessible online to assist individuals in creating their own resumes. They just need to download these templates and customize them according to their needs. Modernizing your resume can make you stand out among other applicants.

Fancy Resume
Realised by bmaverick

Craft Paper Resume Design
Realised by bmaverick

Resume - Cover Letter - B. Card
Realised by Visual Impact

1 Piece Flat and Clean Resume
Realised by kamarashev

Creative Resume
Realised by bmaverick

Dark Resume Template
Realised by resumepro

Clean Resume + Cover Letter
Realised by Flrry

3-Piece Resume / CV Set
Realised by punedesign

Clean Resume
Realised by psolanoy

Realised by cahyo84

Flat Resume
Realised by husamrayan

Clean Resume Template
Realised by Realstar

Cascade One Page Resume Template
Realised by QuanticaLabs

Simple Resume
Realised by psolanoy

Tri-fold Resume & Portfolio
Realised by FlatlineRo

3-Piece Resume CV Cover Letter
Realised by bonuz

Elegant Resume/CV V1
Realised by bilmaw

Creative CV Template
Realised by Visual Impact

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18 Creative And Premium Resume Templates
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