Download free 3D models that you can use for your creative project.


Download 3D Models

This site provides excellent collection of 3D models and textures that are suitable for gamers, animators and architects. These files can be easily manipulated in different sizes and shapes based on your project's needs. Most of the 3D models here can be read by common 3D programs so there's no need to worry about compatibility issues. Choose from a wide variety of unique pre-designed 3D models and textures that are already arranged in categories so you can instantly find and download your desired model and incorporate it with your project of inspiration.

Low Poly Base Mesh Female
Realised by omnione

Low poly Base mesh (Male)
Realised by karan81

CD Case
Realised by WildeMedia

euro coin (s)
Realised by remmac

iPhone 4
Realised by iJatrat

Realised by omnione

High Armchair
Realised by Merrygo

Piggy Bank
Realised by Kontramax

DVD Case
Realised by WildeMedia

Paulistano armchair
Realised by paguthrie

Real Dice
Realised by landhell

Set of books
Realised by modelplusmodel

Generic Female Low Poly Base Mesh
Realised by amardeep

Highly detailed paint splash
Realised by deree

iPhone 4G - 3D Model
Realised by mstylez

Game-Ready AWP Sniper Rifle
Realised by 3alisha

Base Mesh Skeleton
Realised by omnione

DVD cases
Realised by vibes35

iPad 2
Realised by iJatrat

3D World Map
Realised by vibes35

Business Card Presentation
Realised by kramz

iPhone 4G
Realised by 3alisha

Sleek Photorealistic Laptop, iPlus Special Edition
Realised by 3alisha

photoshop brick toy effect

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