Give your creative project the wow factor by using high quality materials and shaders.


Custom 3D Materials And Shaders

You need good materials and shaders to maximize your 3D project's full potential. The strength and the success of your project depends on the proper and imaginative use of materials and shaders. This is actually one of the most complex aspects in 3D production but if you're able to get the right tools, you'll definitely see amazing results. Shader effects can significantly enhance your project's visual appeal. You need to use high quality 3D materials and shaders which you can only find right from this portal. See your inspiration come into full realization!

5 plywood sheets
Realised by paguthrie

24 Metal Shaders for CINEMA 4D
Realised by BatVfx

Glass Material (4 pack) for C4D
Realised by BryceHowitson

Car Paint
Realised by MarkBrodhuber

19 Paint / Coating Shaders Pack For CINEMA4D (C4D)
Realised by BatVfx

26+2 Plastic Shaders Pack For CINEMA4D (C4D)
Realised by BatVfx

7-in-1 Bamboo Flooring Materials
Realised by webdesigndeluxe

Leather Material (6 pack)
Realised by WildeMedia

Carpeting Hi-Res procedural material
Realised by maratshevchenko

Office Furniture Wood Materials
Realised by WildeMedia

8+7 Human Skin Shaders Pack For CINEMA4D (C4D)
Realised by BatVfx

Leather Material pack for Cinema 4D (C4D)
Realised by BatVfx

12 VRay materials
Realised by Candy22

Metal Materials (3 Pack)
Realised by WildeMedia

Cartoon Shaders (6 Pack)
Realised by WildeMedia

Material glass for Vray
Realised by musicant

Perforated Metal
Realised by vibes35

Shader Packs 7-in-1 Collection Vol.1
Realised by BatVfx

Wood Boards 01
Realised by bakbek

12 Vivid/Abstract SHADERS
Realised by munjakos

12-in-1 Miscellaneous Materials
Realised by webdesigndeluxe

2 Cinema 4D Grass Materials #2
Realised by StockDesignMan

Glass Material Pack for C4D (22 in 1)
Realised by BatVfx

20-in-1 Stone Shaders for Cinema4D
Realised by BatVfx

30 Vray SSS Liquid Material Presets
Realised by r00d

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